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Kryptonite Starter Pack - 2 Bottles

Kryptonite Starter Pack - 2 Bottles

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The Program

With this first purchase of two bottles, you receive a discount code worth 30% off all your liquid vitamin orders, for life. Share this discount code with your friends, family, and social media following to receive free product and cash back! After you sell three (3) bottles, you receive a free bottle. After that, every seven (7) you sell, you receive a free bottle and 5% commission on all your own sales.

Refer a friend to share their own discount code and earn up to 10% commission on all your referral sales per month! Commission checks paid once a month on total sales. Five percent (5%) commission on your own sales, and up to ten percent (10%) commission on all your referral sales.

If someone you know gave you a discount code, please enter it with this purchase. You will not receive 30% off this purchase as this is already discounted, but you will be registered as a new affiliate referred by the person who gave you the code. This activates you and them for cash bonuses monthly.

The Product

A complete total body and mind supplement that is specially designed to enhance the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. Everything you need to help you burn fat and gain muscle all while helping to keep your body in perfect health. Extreme Energy, Anti-Aging, Focus, and Fat burning all in one liquid supplement! Go ahead and get your BURN on!