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Kryptonite Starter Pack - 2 Bottles

Kryptonite Starter Pack - 2 Bottles

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This is the most complete nutritional supplement there is! Kryptonite has legendary colloidal minerals. They are used for supporting healthy blood sugar levels in diabetes, helping to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, reducing blood clots, improving early cataracts, turning gray hair back to it's natural color, detoxing heavy metals from the body, improving general well-being, reducing aches and pains, building muscles while burning fat.

Kryptonite contains over 160 nutrients in a highly absorb-able liquid formula. All the ingredients are certified to USP standards. These ingredients are not bio-engineered. The individual ingredient are combined to maximize synergy. All-In-One supplement!  

The Product

A complete total body and mind supplement that is specially designed to enhance the performance of day to day life. Everything you need to help you burn fat and gain muscle all while helping to keep your body in perfect health. Extreme All Day Energy, Anti-Aging, Mental Focus, and Fat burning all in one liquid supplement! Go ahead and get your BURN on!

Kryptonite has: 16 Vitamins, 72 Trace Minerals, 24 Amino Acids, 12 Whole Foods, 11 Herbs, 18 Fruits and Vegetables to feed your body 100% of the daily nutrition it needs to thrive in life. Plus with the natural detox and enzymes your immune system is boosted to help you fight off those colds and viruses. Keeping you feeling great all year round.