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Essential Colloidal Minerals

Essential Colloidal Minerals

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    • Essential colloidal mineral formula from the original mine discovered in the 1920's
    • Contains 72 naturally occurring trace minerals and elements from prehistoric plant deposits
    • Minimally processed, using our proprietary processing method
  • Contains no gluten, corn, sugar, yeast, dairy, soy, preservatives, additives or common allergens

Our 32 oz bottle of Essential Colloidal Mineral Formula contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in an exclusive phytogenic blend, derived from our authentic source of prehistoric plant deposits. Includes not only, all of the major minerals, but also the full spectrum of micronutrients and trace elements that are so important to health but may be lacking from today's average diet.


Senate Document 264 illustrates that our soils are lacking in vital trace minerals and elements. As a result, the plants grown in these soils aren't getting the nutrition they need, and on up the food chain it goes. Our colloidal minerals provide vital trace minerals and elements while making dietary nutrients more usable as well.


Anyone can run water through dirt and make their own colloidal minerals. It's what's in those colloidal minerals that matters. We start with mineral ore that is rich in prehistoric plant deposits. Then we use a proprietary processing methods, passed down through the three generations so that we achieve the purest formula possible. Making a colloidal mineral supplement that works just like nature intended. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!