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Tony G's Testimony

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Marvetta's Testimony

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Sara's Testimony

Hi my name is Sara and I am 34. I have taken my fair share of supplements and vitamins in my lifetime. The reasons I have taken them vary, from weight loss to energy, to mental focus to helping to repair injuries. At anytime I could be taking 20 to 30 individual pills, liquids, or powders to help me feel and look great. But that was very expensive and time consuming. Spending anywhere from $250 or more on supplements a month. Then the task of taking them everyday became a chore. Kryptonite and Nitro-Vi both are products that helped to stop the strain on my wallet and the chore of taking a ton of supplements everyday. I stated taking both of product: Kryptonite 3 weeks a month and Nitro-Vi 1 week out of the month to help with PMS and supply more Iron to keep from becoming anemic, which is common for women. I have all day energy, my sleep improved and I feel great. One of my favorite things about theses products is that it helped me to lose the weight that just would not seem to go away. My memory improved with these products so that I have less frustration with being forgetful. Best of all I don’t get the jitters or have that sudden energy crash in the middle of the day.

Dale Kinzy's Testimony

My name is Dale Kinzy. I’ve studied vitamins and nutrition all my life, because.....well whole story is on I’ve always taken the best supplements. Hundreds and hundreds of them at one time. I would rotate them throughout the week, taking twenty or thirty daily. Then I discovered a company that you took three and got most everything you needed, for about three hundred a month. People are dying prematurely everyday from lack of nutrition. God made our bodies to heal and maintain themselves if we give them the proper nutrition. We don’t get it from our foods any more. There is a product, Kryptonite that gives your body all it needs. So we eat less, have more energy, it also burns fat for energy, builds lean muscle and much more. It’s all on my website  Hey I’m 61 and look and feel 25. Well I feel 25 anyways. Go on there and see what you think. One shot a day and you’ll look and feel remarkable….very affordable too. Thanks and God Bless Dale

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