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About Sara Kinzy

Sara Kinzy

Life started out a little rough for me. I was born on my due date but I was born dead by an emergency cesarean section. My grandpa prayed to God for me and roughly five minute after birth, I came to be alive and perfectly healthy. My mother and I both got very ill afterwards and spent nine days in the hospital due to high fevers and weight loss. Mamma ended up have a blood clot after we went home and had to be put on disability for two years. I grew up an only child being raised by a single parent. I had a wonderful grandpa and grandma, with a whole bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins to help my mamma. She also had a wonderful group of friends that loved me. I had a very bad speech impairment and had to be in speech therapy for most of my childhood. I have always been small for my age, but my sweet, outgoing, positive personality always made up for any disadvantage I had.

At age eight, my mamma met my stepdad, who adopted me when they married two years later. He is a wonderful man that took care of us and loves us with all his heart. A true blessing from God. After we moved to Colorado, my whole life changed. One day, I woke up and my right eye burned and felt like hundreds of needle were being stabbed in it. I told mamma about it. She made me as comfortable as possible. However, the next day I was blind in in that eye. We spent months trying to figure out why but never got any answers. My vision slowly returned.

Typhoid Fever is not a common term that you hear in the U.S. I know because I was eleven when I contracted the disease. I was very healthy and could tell you what I ate and drank at that time in my life. I started working out in a serious way at this time of my life. I studied vitamins and herbs and how to eat right. I drank only bottled water and never had time for anything other than working out and school. One day, I woke up not feeling good and my mamma took me to the doctor after three days of being so sick that I could barely walk or stay conscious. They told her I was faking and she threatened to sue. So, they took some tests and said they would call. A day and a half later, at around midnight, we got a call saying the CDC would meet us at the ER. They were amazed that I was alive. Typhoid Fever kills its victim in 72 hours. I had made it almost a week, I was around 85 pounds on a 4’10 frame. I had to be carried everywhere and could barely lift my head. The CDC quarantined me for two weeks and did many test to make sure I was not a carrier. After the CDC cleared me I went home and had another two weeks of recovery. I was very weak and had to rebuild endurance.

I went back to working out as soon as possible and continued to look into the best way of being healthy. I started swimming on top of lifting weights. I also started playing handball. At fourteen, I ended up being told I had cervical cancer. They treated it and I went into remission.

Then, six months later, I joined the marching band and suddenly my knees swelled up so much I could not bend my legs. So, off to the doctors I went. Knee surgery was set up for both legs. At the age of fifteen and a half, I had surgery first on the right. Then, six months later, the left. I could barely walk on my legs. When I had the second surgery, I was sixteen and had started my freshman year of college while I finished my senior year of high school. I was studying to be a geriatric nurse.

At seventeen, I moved out and lived with an older man who became my husband twenty days after my eighteenth birthday. He was a bodybuilder and we both workout out hard and studied nutrients and health. I was practicing being a nurse and continuing my education. I started to compete in bodybuilding contest and strength competitions for women. I ended up pregnant and stopped bodybuilding. I lost my child and was told I would never have kids. I ended up in a divorce shortly afterwards.

I was going to school studying health and psychology when I met my second husband, we dated and got married. I became pregnant and delivered a child very early who ended up in the NICU. He was beautiful and sweet. At two years of age, he had ear surgery. At age five, he was diagnosed ADHA and with autism.

I had two other children and they were born strong and healthy. After my last birth, I became very ill. I had horrible pain and could barely function. I started going to the doctors. They said I had many issues, such as Fibromyalgia, POCS, Chronic Migraines, Asthma, and many more. Then it became doctors, it went from one prescription to between 15-30 medication at a time 3-4 times a day. At 26, I was told I had a terminal disease. I was put on medical marijuana. Shortly after that, I ended up in a divorce. I had a mental breakdown and quit my medicines.

A year later, I met my wonderful husband, Dale. We became friends and he introduced me to Christ. I gave my life to the Lord and he healed me. I weighed around 85-90 lbs and was very unhealthy. I started to work out again and get healthy. I dove back into researching health, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and added God’s word. Life started to flow with health as long as I took my supplements and worked out. After dating for a year, Dale and I got married. He teaches me what he knows and we do a lot of research together. Always seeking more education for health and nutrition.

One night Dale saw a man on Benny Hinn named Dr. Joel Wallach, who owned a company called “Youngevity”, which was a natural supplement company. We researched for six months. Then, we decided to join the company. Now, we want to educate as many people as possible on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. That way people can live life to the fullest potential.

After a few years of working for Youngevity we found that there was more needed that what the Youngevity products supplied. We also saw that the pricing was hard for people to budget in to their lives. So back to the good old fashion research techniques we went. Hours of reading and looking into case studies helped us to see the product that we wanted to create. Soon after that we started to get busy and pull it all together.

Now we are dedicated to helping as many people as possible to live the life that they desire. One full of energy, health and happiness. Where the supplements that are taken are all natural and affordable. Changing the world thru the natural supplements that the good Lord provided for us. Hey Mr Vitamin is our passion, our mission is to provide a supplement that will help us live a live of freedom!