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About Rab Rab Kinzy

Rab Rab Kinzy

About a little over a year ago Dale was mowing the front yard when he saw a furry little thing moving in the grass. It turn out to be a very small baby cottontail rabbit. Being so cute he had to show Sara and they decided that they would keep her as a pet. About a six months later she developed a cyst on her neck. Sara did all the research she could on line till Dale told her to make an appointment with the vet. We were heartbroken over our little fur baby being sick. She was not as playful and full of energy as normal. Sara made an appointment and took her in. They drain it and sent her home with antibiotics. Like clock work we cleaned the cut and gave her the medication. However a week or two later the cyst came back in another spot. Upset and a little confused Dale and Sara prayed and asked God to heal her. One night as Sara held Rab Rab loving on her Dale suggested to give her our Supplement. Now at the time Rab Rab was back to being very sluggish. So Sara poured a small amount of supplements in Rab Rab’s water and prayed for the best. The next day that rabbit was bouncing off the walls. She had so much energy and spunk that Dale suggested that perhaps Sara had given her a little to much. So cutting the dose in half Sara continued to give her the supplement. In a week the cyst was gone. Rab Rab was back to her normal self and stayed cyst free to this day. What antibiotics could not do an all natural food based product did. Dale and Sara thank God for showing them what to do to save this little rabbit. If it will work on a rabbit then it can work on humans too.