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About Dale Kinzy

Dale Kinzy and Child

As a curious child I had my first set of crutches at the age of two when I injured my foot. As I grew I started sports and was highly athletic. Then, at fourteen I found myself in a wheelchair after coming out of a coma from a motorcycle wreck. The doctors told my mom I would never be the same due to brain trauma. My dad hit his knees and prayed for God to heal me and God did. The brain trauma was gone but the broken leg, arm, cut and bruises were still there. I healed slowly. However, shortly after the casts were removed I was riding my horse, Baby, backward, showing off so I did not see the road coming up. Baby had just been shoed and the ground was wet. When I turned back around, I turned Baby sharply to avoid the road and she slid, flipping on her back breaking my other leg. So, back into a cast I went. This knocked me out of sports, so I had a lot of time on my hands. To fill the time and help me heal, I started to research vitamins and health. The doctors did all they were trained to do but it was not enough. Something inside me told me there was more to it, that something was missing. Through my research I found that we do not get the nutrition through our food or anywhere else. I started supplementing with vitamins and minerals. I ate healthy and worked out so that I could build up healthy muscles to compensate for the damage that had occurred in my body.

After high school, I joined the Navy and went over seas. There, I furthered my research of health, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. I started taking karate (Kung Towe). This taught me discipline and built a foundation of strength and endurance. I continued to lift weights and take my supplements. Always building on the knowledge that I had of health and nutrients when I could.

I fell in love with playing baseball and excelled in it quickly. At nineteen, I played semi-pro baseball for a year. I stayed busy with church and being young; I fell away from the sports and went to working out only. Of course, I did what young men do and went to bars and chased girls. I did this until I married and had four beautiful daughters. I continued to workout and passed on my knowledge to my girls. I still researched and kept up on the current trends and advancements in health and fitness.

I divorced and married again and started playing softball for the church and men leagues for years. I continued to workout and take my supplements. My supplement shelf became massive. I would take twenty to thirty supplements at a time for a week or two then rotate to a new set.

I had always created my own blend of protein shakes, researching and comparing to high dollar and lager name products. The closer to organic the better. I was always improving my diet and way of life. I finally came to the point of reading the bible and seeing God’s way of healthy living. I came up with the rule “If God made it, eat it. If man made it or changed it, leave it alone.”

I watched as family members that I loved became ill and went to doctors suffering, not only from illness, but from the medicines they were given. One after another I tried to help with a change in lifestyle. It would work too. With God’s help my family members would get healthy and start to heal against all odds. It was amazing. Then, life would get in the way and they would go back to a doctor and the cycle would start again.

After divorcing again, I really worked out hard and researched like never before. Seeking for God to lead me to the answers I was looking for. For ten years as a single man, I was able to digging in. In 2012, I met my wife, Sara. We dated for a year and she too was interested in health and fitness. Together, we learned and researched. One night I couldn’t sleep and the TV was on the Benny Hinn Show, Dr Joel Wallach was on there. He was talking about his company “Youngevity”, which is an all natural nutritional supplement company. That is when God said to me, “This is what you have been searching for.” I paid attention and told my wife about it. We started a research like never before. After six months of researching and waiting, we joined the business and started on our mission to help other people become educated about nutrition and fitness. We want to help to keep people out of doctors offices and hospitals. To heal them in a natural God given way. So that we all live to our highest potential.

After a few years of using and marketing Youngevity we decided to produce a supplement that was more cost effective and more effective. Researching and studying the affects of all the essential nutrients that the human body needs and their affect we came up with Kryptonite and Nitro-Vi. Both of which have all the required 100% nutrients that the body needs to maintain proper health and longevity needed to have the life you desire. Best of all they are affordable and all in one. You no longer have to have a shelf full of supplements to get what your body needs and they are delivered right to your door.

Vitaminology is the study of vitamins, their action, nature, and use. These are by far the best supplements in the world and I should know because I am a “vitaminologist”.