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About Hey Mr. Vitamin

Dale Kinzy and Child

This generation is blessed to have so much technology and advancement that life is much easier and more efficient than 100 years ago. However, we have left some basic necessities in the past too. No matter how advanced we have become, our bodies are the same then as they are now. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyles are still the only way to achieve good physical and mental health. If the body is lacking in vitamins, minerals or omega fats then it starts to breakdown. This can cause physical illness and/or diseases. Even if illness or disease is present in the body, getting the proper nutrition and using natural remedy to ease the symptoms is able to be of great benefit.

Over 900 diseases can be traced back to being a deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. There is a natural remedy to ease symptoms of almost every disease or illness. Unlike harsh man made medicines, there are no side effects to taking vitamins or minerals. Herbs are available to do just about anything that a medication can do. There maybe a side effect with herbs. However, the side effects are far less likely and never as severe. The cost of herbal remedies is a fraction of the price of prescriptions. More importantly, God made all these natural products so they were made to be used by His creation to help heal and thrive in this world.

We are taught to eat the 5 food groups to get our nutrition. Studies have shown that our food nutrition has decreased dramatically in the past 80 years. The same studies show that the soil we grow our crops in is deficient in the vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy. This is happening due to over cultivation and pollution that is present in the chemical sprayed on the crops and soil.

As we learn these facts it seems that we would go back to the basic ways of nutrition and health. However, we turn to more lab made products to fix the problems that were caused by lab made chemicals. That is where Hey Mr. Vitamin comes in. We want to help every person possible live life to their fullest potential the natural way. We believe that with the proper nutrition that you can prevent and reverse illness and disease. With positive help and the guidance of God, your life can thrive with health.

The passion we both have for helping others be healthy is our drive to learn as much as we can. We research the products we carry and any new studies that are available. We have access to Dr. Wallach who invented the product and his team member for questions or concerns. We will never stop looking for more information or trying to improve our health. This means that we will always be trying to help others improve their health and lives.

Our mission is to: “Keep people out of doctors offices and hospitals. To help people without the use of prescriptions and heal them in a natural God given way. To be there whenever there is a question about natural healing with an answer, even if that means doing some research to get that answer.”