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Health is one of the most talked about issues and one of the most neglected issues we have. In the old days Homeopathic treatments and home remedies were how we treated illnesses. Now we have Pharmaceutical that we use and at times they are life saver but others times I have to wonder if we are treating illnesses or slapping a band aid over the problem….or creating more.

If you sit watching TV you will undoubtedly be bombarded by commercials that are advertising all the new Cures or Treatments that they are pedaling. However the reaction that those medication can cause make me wonder if just sticking with the illness would be better, healthier, SAVER!


The Lessons Of Childhood

In school we are all taught the whole Food Pyramid chart and that we need to have a balanced diet…Why is that? They tell you the more colors the healthier the diet. We even make our kids take vitamins to help them grow and be healthy. So why as adults don’t we take vitamins? Could it be that as we get older we are taught by our Doctors that they have a pill to fix that? Or that we need to treat something with a Medical procedure…But why are we treating the issues instead of preventing the issues from occurring.

Basic Biology

Basic Biology teaches us that everything is made up of organic elements. Minerals, vitamins, Proteins, and fatty acids are what the Human body is made up of. So why do we neglect our bodies of the building blocks that make up our Structure? Like any machine if you keep the required substances at the levels required that machine will last for a long time. Yes over time the wear and tear of use take hold but it will take a lot long to break down.

Building Blocks

The human body requires the natural building blocks to be and remain healthy. You don’t put gas in your car once then never fill up again. So what are YOU putting in your gas tank? Our foods have been over processes, genetically altered, loaded with non food chemicals and more. So as you grab that on the go fast food meal or the frozen microwave dinner think about what is really in it. After all I could put water in my gas tank and yeas my car will start maybe go a short distance but it will breakdown and be ruined pretty quickly.


However if you give your body the stuff it needs you will maintain health and youth. Creating a fully energy filled focused life that you want to have and deserve. With our all in one essential nutrient product you will have all the Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more that your body requires to be healthy. This complete formula is sugar free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free! It will keep you total fueled and focused all day everyday! Nitro Vi is the World’s best Vitamin, You are ready to reach your full potential?