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Sweet Potato Hash

This wonderful mix of sweet and savory melts in your mouth and fills the room with an amazing aroma. Quick and easy with a 40 min start to finish time.

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This amazing breakfast cake is one of a kind. The use of organic and fresh ingredients make this blueberry delight melt in your mouth. Fairly simple recipe that takes about 40 min from start to finish.

Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuits

Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuits that are a perfect complement with any meal. Guilt-Free spicy, cheesy goodness that can be enjoyed in 25 mins.


Simple and quick Tortillas that taste better than any store brand! These are tons of fun to make with the kids.

Chicken Tenders

Crispy Chicken Tenders without the oily mess. Kids love these and Mom's approve of them being a favorite meal! These are Blue Ribbon winners all around.

Super Easy Taco Salad

Super Easy Taco Salad that you will want to make a regular meal in your house. One of the benefits of this meal is you can prepare the meat and the vegetables separately then store them in the fridge for a quick meal throughout the week!

Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken soup

Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken soup is just the right thing during those cold winter months. Not only does it warm your toes and soul but it's a low calorie quick meal that everyone will like.

Tomato Soup

The perfect Tomato Soup anytime of the year. Make this Soup and freeze it for a quick fix to those busy weeks. Add a batch of Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuits for a great treat!

Potato Soup

Easy and filling Potato Soup that is quick to make. More then that it's super affordable to make.

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

OMG this is super yummy and easy to make! Cheddar Broccoli Soup is something I always turn to when I need a creamy hardy meal that everyone likes.

Protein Balls

Protein Balls are the answer to your post workout snack. They are packed full of protein and super yummy. If you add the chocolate chips to the mix its like eating cookie dough....without the extra calories!

Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for Breakfast? OH YA! Breakfast Cookies are the perfect fix for those who wake up and run out the door. No more drive thru meals just eat a cookie on the way!