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Why Magnesium Is So Important

Sources of Magnesium

If you struggle to get some much needed sleep you have come to the right place. Magnesium helps many people slip more easily into slumber. However, magnesium has multiple benefits for health. In fact it plays an essential role in hundreds of chemical reactions in your body.

Magnesium is available in many foods, however many Americans do not get the recommended daily amount. As a rule of thumb men should have 420 mg per day and women who are not pregnant should aim for 320 mg. Sadly American adults only average two-thirds of the daily recommended amount.

Why should you care?

There are many thing this little mineral can do for your health. Your life will go on if you continue on without getting the daily recommend amount but will it be a healthy and happy one? There are so many health issues that can be avoided by simply getting this helpful mineral. This is what magnesium does for your body:

Bone health

Bone with Muscle

Healthy bones are linked to calcium and vitamin D more than any other nutrient in most conversations. However, magnesium is stored in our bones. Chronic magnesium deficiency can contribute to bone loss, leading to osteoporosis.


People Jumping

Every one needs a boost of energy from time to time. Magnesium aids in energy production in our cells. Our cells contain “factories” that take glucose (blood sugar) and convert it into a form of energy for the body can use. This means that a diet low in magnesium can contribute to fatigue. It also means that the body will not burn as many calories as it should. A low Metabolism can create a build up of body fat. By burning the body’s glucose you will have less fat created. Any left over blood sugar will be converted into fat and stored for a energy source later.

Inflammation and immunity

Chronic, low-grade inflammation has been linked to deficiency in magnesium. Which can increase your risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Magnesium may also help your immune system function properly as well.

Cardiovascular health

Heart Lifting Iron

Good cardiovascular health is important to all of us. There are many vitamins and minerals that help with your heart but without a proper amount of Magnesium. It aids in promoting normal blood pressure and a steady heart rhythm.

Muscle and nerve function

Research studies shows that being low in magnesium increases the risk of depression. Magnesium affects how chemical messages enter and leave our cells, including our brain and nerve cells. It also helps your muscles contract and relax. With so many of the auto-immune system diseases that have been linked to nerve pain, having the proper amount of magnesium is a great way to help your nerves stay healthy and working they way they should.

Stable blood sugar

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Magnesium aids in maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels. Those who get enough magnesium have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Correcting low blood sugar levels may improve symptoms in people who have already developed glucose issues. The magnesium-blood sugar connection works both ways — high blood sugar levels can contribute to magnesium deficiency.

Why are most Americans not getting enough magnesium?

Girl Kicking a Burger

The answer is a simple one, all the processed foods and fast food meals that are the staple to the American diet is driving nutritional deficiencies to a all time high. The fact is whole foods that are good dietary sources such as: greens, beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds are no eaten as much as they should be.

With as busy as all our schedules have become and the lack of being able to cook homemade meals its hard to get your essential vitamins and minerals. There are supplements that can help to close the gap that our diets create. Not that supplementing mean that you can eat a ton of junk and not feel the affects. After all your body need healthy clean food to be at optimum health.

Who needs to pay particular attention to magnesium intake?

Everyone should be paying attention to their nutritional intake. However anyone with diabetes, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) should take extra care. knowing that certain prescription medications, including diuretics and acid reflux medication or peptic ulcers medication, can cause low blood levels of magnesium over time.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Of course eating healthy is just as important. You want a whole food all natural supplement that can feed your body the nutrition you need.

Most supplements only have a few or half of what you need so you end up take more than one. Until now, We have 2 formulas that you can choose from so that you get all the nutrition you need. Nitro-Vi and Kryptonite contain over $500 worth of supplements in them.

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