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What Is The Difference In Whole Food and Synthetic Supplements?

What's the difference?

You probably don’t realize that most multivitamin found in stores and online contain synthetic vitamins made from chemicals. Not just the off brand ones but even the name brand are full of synthetic vitamins. Multivitamins made from whole foods provide a more natural way to get your daily nutritional intake.


Synthetic Vitamins

Many multivitamin supplements contain synthetic vitamins. What makes a Synthetic vitamins? They are synthetic chemical isolates made in a lab: they are created by humans to try and mimic the vitamin benefits that their natural equivalents – found in food – offer. However, synthetic vitamins can only provide isolated or fractionated pieces of the whole vitamin. Why? Because synthetic vitamins don’t contain the full benefit that nature intended.

By taking isolated vitamins we are getting high doses of some vitamins (in some cases over 200% the RDI) but not enough of others which are equally important. If you do not get a even about of all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs then your body is unable to put those vitamins to use. It is a balancing act of getting the right amount and the proper kind of vitamins in the body to ensure good health and wellness. It might surprise you to know that many vitamins available in America are synthetic.


Whole-Food based supplements are 100% different than synthetic vitamins. We offer a Whole food plant based Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that your body will love!

Vegetable Spread

The vitamin content of a whole food vitamin is 100% derived from food sources. NO synthetic or artificial vitamins added making it so it is 100% usable by your body. This means Vitamins strictly from fruits, veggies, herbs and super foods from plants, orchards, farms and the ocean. 100% natural and made just for your body!

Our Supplements are also 100% balanced so that your get the most out of your supplement. Meaning when you take Hey Mr Vitamin’s supplements you don’t waste you time or money! Your body gets exactly what it needs all from one supplement, NO WASTE!

There are other health benefits that come from taking a whole food supplement. They include the added micronutrients, cofactors and phytonutrients naturally found in plants and whole foods that work together to provide you a complete health benefit and “whole” vitamin solution.

Your Whole food Supplement is a Few Clicks Away!

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Of course eating healthy is just as important. You want a whole food all natural supplement that can feed your body the nutrition you need.

Most supplements only have a few or half of what you need so you end up take more than one. Until now, We have 2 formulas that you can choose from so that you get all the nutrition you need. Nitro-Vi and Kryptonite contain over $500 worth of supplements in them.

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