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Trends Fads and Miracle Fixes

Let's face it, there is a new trend coming out about health and fitness every other day. New tricks and detoxes, exercise short cuts and diets fads that are bombarding your Facebook, emails and store shelves. You even see them on commercials and cleverly worked into the shows or movies you are watching. But do they really work? Are they even remotely do able or safe?

These questions and doubts are always there in the back of your mind as you contemplate whether or not to try them. With the holidays coming and the new year around the corner the market for these trends or tricks start to ramp up the competition. Competing to see which one will be the next #1 to hit the market. Yes we all want to look and feel great, to have the edge over the sibling that always steals our thunder at family gathering. Or maybe there is a special someone that you want to impress. You maybe tempted to try those impressively advertised products...but will all your hard work be worth the struggles?


There is a diet for every type of eating you can think of, from low card to all vegan to caveman to high protein, but how much of that is really healthy or going to be a realistic long term plan? One thing that never changes no matter what diet you are on is the fact that you need a certain amount of vitamins, mineral, amino acids and omegas to maintain a healthy body and mind. However when you cut out certain groups of food you cut out the source where you get daily amount of these life giving nutrients.


Then there are the detoxes that are floating around on the market. These can really be helpful and promote health but they can also be harmful if you don't replenish the nutrients that are stripped out during the process. See as you flush out the bad toxins and waste you also lose nutrients. Lack of certain nutrients can have extreme consequences. Some of the most common are fatigue, lack of mental focus, mood swings, headaches, weakening of bones, brittle hair and nails, acne and more.

The magic pill that guarantees weight loss is a product that you should research every ingredient in it to ensure that it is safe to use. Many of them have high amounts of simulates that can cause jiggles or harmful side affects. Some of side affects that can take place are very worry some. Yes I could list them but would you believe me without really doing the research yourself? It would be more effective if you were to look them up a read the harmful side affect they have.

I know I would have to look it up for myself. In fact I have and then I threw out many expensive bottles that I had purchased. In health class we all learned about the food pyramid and the healthy plate chart. Then our parents made us sit at the table till we ate all of our green beans or at least till we had chewed and swallowed 3 to 4 bite...(Ah memories).  My mom still reminds me to eat my vegs and eat healthy. Its what we do for those we love.


fast food
Fast food chains have made it easy for us to grab a quick meal on the way somewhere and call the lettuce and tomato on our burger a salad....(no matter how you look at that it is not a salad!) All those processed boxed foods and canned goods that you grab as a meal are not feeding your body what it needs. I know they taste so darn good that it hard to say "no" to them and get a chef salad without dressing instead. Food is like an art for the taste buds. If it pop on the tongue and make you want to eat the whole box without sharing, why would you think it is not good for you?


Most the foods that you find in the store are lacking any kind true balanced nutrition. Yes, it will have some but not what you are needing for the day. Also many of these boxed, canned or bagged food that boast to have high quantities of nutrients are not from nature sources. They are chemically developed nutrients that your body can not absorb and use to fuel your body. What companies do is add lab made nutrients to the foods, also refereed to as "fortified", so that you are more inclined to think of that product as a healthy option.

However the so-called fortified nutrients simple pass through the body and come out as waste without even being thought of a useful. No the label is not wrongly marked. Its a simple fact that you are an organically occurring human that requires organically occurring nutrition. That means you need whole food nutrients and not lab made invaders. That being said lets go over a few ways that this also makes those trending health and fitness fads useless as well. When you are hungry or craving something it is because your body is needing nutrients of some kind. Water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omegas, proteins, fiber and carbs make your body work the right way.


Without these your body will have a yuck factor, as in sleepiness, hunger, mood swings, health issues, weight gain and more. Sometime the way to look and feel great is as simple as getting the right nutrition and hydration! I would like to say it all about the food but is not...Yes what you eat is important but it would be almost impossible to get all the needed nutrition from your foods. You need a complete whole food supplement that will give you the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omegas.


As far as protein, fiber, carbs and water you will have to eat and drink your fill of that everyday. We offer 2 different supplements that will give you the nutrition you need daily: Nitro-Vi and Kryptonite. By supplying your body with the proper nutrition you will have the energy you need to stay mentally focused and clear minded while maintaining the stamina you require to get though the work day and still be ready to hang out with your friends and family afterwards. Best of all you will feel great, that sluggish just making it through the day feeling will be gone and you will have a health glow to your body that says "I can take on the world!" And my favorite, those sudden hunger attacks that sneak up on you between meals are long gone.

The reason for your snack attacks are mostly due to an imbalance in your nutrition. Your body is needing something so it make you hungry. I love food but I hate wondering when I will have a chance to grab a quick snack before I take a bite out of a co-worker...not the ideal way to make a friendly work environment. When your body is not craving an important nutrient you stay satisfied and energized longer. This in addition will cause your calorie intake to go down so you will lose weight. However since you will have more energy you will be more active. Therefore you will burn more calories in your everyday life.


If you have ever gone to a gym or done workout CDs or programs then you have most likely heard that "Exercise work but you have to do it!" The most common reason I hear for not working out is, "I barely have enough energy to get through the work day much less workout." If you are one of the thousands of people who feel this way you have a few thing that maybe going on. You may not be drinking enough water, getting enough sleep or you need better nutrition!


Sleep is yet another thing that is affected by your nutrition. See your body makes hormones that tell the body to shut down and rest for the night. But with out certain vitamins and minerals your body will not make the appropriate amount of these hormones. Instead of taking a sleeping pill which can make you drowsy and unfocused  throughout the day, your body may simply need to have the proper nutrition. Then those Z's will not only come easier but will be more effective then ever!

As you can see there are a lot of different way proper nutrition can affect your body. Can I tell you something...This is just a few of the way it can affect you. I could write for the next month on the effects that a lack of nutrition on your body can cause and most likely I still would not cover it all. However just the few that are  listed here are enough to make you think about if you are taking the proper approach to the trends that are going on in the world.

There will always be a new diet, detox or magic pill. There are surgeries and procedures you can do to temporarily get your desired results. However you have to take care of your body to optimize your health and your life. It all starts with a good balanced nutritional lifestyle.

If you are looking to get started give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have: Sara 806-672-6298 or Dale 806-640-2090. Or you can order your daily nutrition right now so that you can start living life to the fullest! If you are ready to order now just follow the links below to get started on the road to a good balanced nutritional lifestyle! Nitro-Vi is perfect for the everyday lifestyle...balanced to help you be the best you can be! Kryptonite is prefect for the active lifestyle...whether you are tearing up the gym or doing 5k runs this will fuel your body and help to cut your recovery time down. Go ahead and show Superman a thing or two!

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