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Supplements for the Holidays

Frustrated Christmas

The Holidays can be filled with lots to do and not enough time to do it in. This can create a sense of stress and fatigue. At times it can be hard to find the holiday spirit and enjoy the season. Creating the sleepless nights and the aches from standing to long over the stove. There is a way to get a little pep back in your step and to kick the aching muscles out of your holiday.

Supplements can help fill in the holes that a too much sugar and stress leave in their wake. Plus help you get a good night sleep. It’s always important to take a food-first approach—by eating fruits and vegetables—but it’s good to have a supplement to help you keep your holidays joyful!

Let’s go over how a complete supplement can help you throughout the holiday and the rest of your year as well.

1. Digestive enzymes for bloating.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes helps in digestion of large meals. Or when you’re eating foods that are a harder to digest such as: dairy, gluten, greasy food and red meat. They aid to give your body some extra support and stop belly bloating. You can find a good amount of Digestive enzymes in both our Supplement formulas, Kryponite and Nitro-Vi

2. Apple cider vinegar for gut health.

People every where are useing apple cider vinegar (ACV) to help with things that ails them. ACV is full of vitamins and minerals and can be used for what seems like thousands of different health, beauty, and household purposes. It helps with indigestion, bloating, water retention, weight loss and so much more.

3. Melatonin for peaceful sleep.

Family Sleeping

The hormone melatonin (AKA the sleep hormone) signals to our body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep. You have a natural amount of melatonin that is created in your gut but traveling, stress, diet or screen time can upset the natural cycle of melatonin release. By taking one of our supplements you can increase your natural productions of melatonin. There is a lot to be said about a good nights rest!

4. Herbs to support detoxification.


Herbs way to help boost many of the body functions. From Detox to a little boost of energy herbs can help you to get through some of the harder times. You can help to keep your organs healthy and detoxed or speed up your metabolism to PMS systems to help lose that extra weight. The possibilities are endless! Now the down side to Herbs is in there natural state they don’t have the yummy flavor that makes you want to take them. The upside, We have combine them in both out formulas to help your body be a peak performance…And you will get all you vitamins and mineral with them so that your will have all the benefits possible for a long healthy life.

5. Chromium for blood sugar.


With all the sugar fill treats that are there to eat during the holiday your blood sugar levels are in danger! Between alcohol, sugar, and caffeine your body’s blood glucose levels are going to be put through the ringer. There are lots of great ways to balance blood sugar naturally, thank the Good Lord! Chromium has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels, and a deficiency in this nutrient has been linked with high blood sugar. By controlling your blood sugar levels you will have less moments of fatigue and fat production. Blood sugar level are also know to create headaches. Both our Supplements carry a healthy dose of Chromium to help keep you feeling great!

6. Glutathione for extra antioxidants.

Healthy Choices

Glutathione, which is as known as your body’s “master antioxidant” helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body. It gets its name from its ability to recycle other antioxidants. When you increase glutathione levels your levels of other antioxidants in the body like vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) increase as well. Yes, you can get this jewel from both our products as well. One thing to be said about Glutathione supplements is that they are very pricey. NOT with our products, they are affordable and make supplementing easy!

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to supplement with vitamins, minerals and herbs. Of course eating healthy is just as important. You want a whole food all natural supplement that can feed your body the nutrition you need. We have combine them all in one so that you can get them at a great price. Plus it’s a all in one product saving you the hassle of have to open and take multiple supplements, after all we want life to be easier not harder! We believe in simplicity and the natural way of doing things.

Most supplements only have a few or half of what you need so you end up take more than one. Until now, We have 2 formulas that you can choose from so that you get all the nutrition you need. Nitro-Vi and Kryptonite contain over $500 worth of supplements in them. Get yours below!

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