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Should You Supplement?

Healthy Salad

A lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and little to no exercise can have a negative impact on your life. Either through seeing a doctor or reading sometime on social media or the news makes you start to think about making changes in your life.

Maybe by adding a salad to one of your meals or taking a walk twice a week or cutting out smoking. The different ways that you can improve your health by making a few simple changes are endless. Growing up in the 90’s one of the most common things that were talked about was if kids were taking their vitamins. So why not take them now?

If you haven’t been eating healthy foods for a long time, vitamin and mineral supplements are going to replenish your body of the nutrients that it has been lacking. With all the processed and sugar filled foods we eat these days we are just not getting the vitamins and minerals that our grandparents were getting form their foods. We push crop production to the point of depleting the soil of the nutrients that even our fresh produce has less nutrition. There are also the factors of GMO but that is a totally different topic that could take a long time to cover. So for now we will just say that our food has been altered too much by science even if they did it for the right reasons.

Foods such as fruits and vegetables have other substances that promote health in ways that researchers are only now beginning to discover. So don’t think that just by supplementing you don’t need those parts of the food pyramid. Just like meat or healthy fats there are parts of the fruits and vegetables that you need. Such as fiber, it the part that keeps you regular. Let’s face it being regular is a GOOD thing! there are other good components as well.

Who needs to supplement no matter what…

Women who are pregnant or could become pregnant. For example: 400 micrograms of folic acid taken daily by a pregnant women to lower the risk of certain birth defects, such as spina bifida.

Women who are pregnant need calcium since the child growing in them will take the calcium from their mother’s body. This can cause bone density issue in the future especially if the woman has multiple pregnancies. The closer together the less time the body has to recover from the depletion.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy can cause you to be deficient in many vitamins and minerals. By taking a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement you can prevent many things from occurring throughout the pregnancy. Potassium helps with muscle cramps and headaches. B vitamins help with fatigue. Vitamin C help to keep you from getting the common cold and more. There are even a few that help you get a good night sleep. So its all around a good thing.

These benefits are not just available for pregnancy or women! In fact everyone can get better sleep and more energy by taking vitamins and minerals. You can prevent muscle cramps and headaches, fight off colds and flu, or help prevent weakening of bonds and teeth.

All Adults

All adults, people with dark skin, and people who don’t get out in the sun often need more vitamin D. As kids we tend to go outside more. Most adults don’t get enough vitamin D. Why? Because, unless you work outside we spent most our time in an office and in the house doing the responsible things that need to be done. When we aren’t we are sitting in front of the TV catching up on our favorite Netflix shows. Yes even Hey Mr Vitamin likes his shows.

Cheering People

As we age our bodies get used and put through some pretty tough stuff. Car crashed, neglect, sicknesses, broken bones, and God only knows what else. In order for your body to repair itself it needs the correct nutrients. You can’t build a house without nails and your body can’t build cells without vitamins and minerals.

Every 21 days your cells are replaced by new ones. Now there are 2 different kinds of cells…Healthy and Unhealthy. Unhealthy cells are made due to the lack of vitamins and minerals. Many vitamins and minerals help in the healing process of sickness and injury. They may prevent Cancer and tumors as well. There are many benefits to Vitamins and minerals, to view a list of what they can do follow this link. We could be here for a very long time going over everything vitamins and minerals do for you. So take a look at the link and see what you could be kicking out of your life and what you could gain by simply taking a supplement.


Have you ever wondered why a kid is hungry all the time? Why a teenager seems to eat enough that they should be overweight but they are as slim as can be. It because their bodies are using all the nutrients they put into their body for growing. They are constantly making new cells to grow and develop. Brain and body they are growing and need more than an adult.

School Children

By ensuring that they have the right nutrients you can help you kiddo to grow strong and healthy. So they have an advantage in school and activities. Their brains are not only developing but they are being filled with important information in school. The memory part of the brain needs the proper nutrition to work at its peak. Proper nutrition can also help with ADD or ADHD symptoms.

As a growing kid you are often around common colds and the flu having a strong immune system can be a great thing. I know seeing my kids sick is not easy. Having them fall behind in school is also a hard thing to recover from. Then add the doctor bills to the situation and it just makes sense to have a defense against sickness and illness. Vitamins and minerals are a great way to do just that. Now we could go over all the different ways vitamins and minerals could help your growing kids however that would take a lot of time so check out the list of way a supplement could help.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Of course eating healthy is just as important. You want a whole food all natural supplement that can feed your body the nutrition you need.

Most supplements only have a few or half of what you need so you end up take more than one. Until now, We have 2 formulas that you can choose from so that you get all the nutrition you need. Nitro-Vi and Kryptonite contain over $500 worth of supplements in them.

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