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Reversing Alzheimer's Disease With Nutrients

Alzheimer’s disease has risen to be the fourth leading cause of death behind cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. However, Alzheimer’s is often not listed as a contributing factor on death certificates. Research on Alzheimer's and has found that there may be a link between cholesterol and the increase of people with the disease. One out of every two Americans that reach the age of 70 have a 50 percent chance of getting Alzheimer's in their remaining lifetime. Since senile dementia is often diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease, there is truth behind these claims. Although a decrease in cholesterol may cause senile dementia, or Alzheimer's, the symptoms could be reversed by consuming certain nutrients.

The evolution of senile dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia has been a medical condition recognized in various forms since ancient times. One of the first references was by the Greek physician Pythagoras in the 7th century B.C. Writers and philosophers throughout history have made eferences to the diminished capacity that seems to accompany many into their elder years.The erm Alzheimer's disease was first used in the early 20th century in reference to a group of symptoms first recognized by Alois Alzheimer. For over 70 years, the term Alzheimer's disease was only used to describe patients who developed signs of dementia between ages 45 and 65. It was not until the late 1970s that the definition of Alzheimer's was changed. Instead of just describing patients with dementia who are younger than 65, Alzheimer’s is now used to describe up to 70 percent of all dementia cases, without regards to age. Today, the term Alzheimer's has essentially replaced senile dementia as a diagnosis in the medical world.

Our take on Alzheimer's disease

We have taken the time to review the medical literature surrounding Alzheimer's that has been published in the past 35 to 40 years. Hey Mr Vitamin believes that the rise in dementia cases in the last few decades is due to the lowering of cholesterol in the Western diet. In the 1970s, doctors began advising their patients to eat lower cholesterol diets. These doctors also began prescribing statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. The prescriptions were given based on the belief that ingested cholesterol had a direct effect on cholesterol levels in the blood. At the time, cholesterol levels were thought to be a cause of heart disease. Instead of lowering heart disease, what actually happened with the cholesterol drugs is the rise of dementia. Myelin is a fatty substance that sheathes and insulates nerves, allowing them to transmit electrical impulses from the brain to the body and back. Myelin makes up about 75 percent of the brain's weight and is made up of 100 percent cholesterol. When someone takes statin drugs to reduce cholesterol levels, or eats a low cholesterol diet, it starves the body of needed cholesterol intake. The body begins absorbing internal sources of cholesterol to make up for the deficiency. That absorption is what causes the onset and progression of dementia or Alzheimer's.

Reversing Alzheimer's with nutrients

Getting rid of unhealthy food is the first step in Hey Mr Viatmins recommendations. Take fried foods, oils, and processed meats, especially those that contain nitrates or nitrites, out of the diet. Adding cholesterol into the diet is the next step. An easy way to add cholesterol is to eat between six and ten eggs a day, cooked in butter, boiled, or poached. Water should be the main drink of choice. We highly recommends that all carbonated drinks be taken out of the diet. Sugar should be radically reduced or eliminated completely from the diet. Supplementing with Vitamin E and Selenium as well can enhance your healthy diet choices. For more information, call Hey Mr. Vitamin today at (806) 640-2090. You can also Contact Us via email.  Get started today to make a better future tomorrow.

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