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Live longer and Younger with Vitamin E

Vitamin E and C work together

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the primary antioxidant against free radical damage to lipids, including those that make up each cell membranes. It traps free radicals as they attempt enter into cell. After it traps the free radicals vitamin E transfers them to vitamin C, where they are neutralized. Then the vitamin E connected to the cells are free continue protecting the cell. Therefore supplements that contain both E and C vitamins provide better antioxidant protection than single vitamins.

Anti-aging benefits of vitamin E

Vitamin E is known more for aiding in reducing aging and age-related conditions than any other vitamin. As we age, levels of vitamin E decline. Which can cause conditions such as: cognitive decline, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, cataract, and cancer. However these may be reduced by supplementation with vitamin E.

Less cognitive decline with E

In a 7-year study of 2,889 patients at the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center had enlightening result on reducing cognitive decline. Those who had high vitamin E intakes from diet and supplements had 36 percent less decline in cognitive function than those whose vitamin E intake was low.

Vitamin E and Alzheimer’s

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Vitamin E can impact Alzheimer’s disease taken at high doses. A study of 633 seniors ain Boston over a 4-year period of time showed a significant response with vitamins C and E in Alzheimer’s patients. 23 of the group took a vitamin C supplements (500 mg/day), 27 took a vitamin E supplement(400 IU/day) and 68 took a multi-vitamin containing 60 mg vitamin C and 30 IU vitamin E. The group who took supplements of either vitamin C or E did not develop the disease while 11 of those who took the lower dose multi-vitamin developed Alzheimer’s. 80 Alzheimer’s patients were found in the group who didn’t take any vitamins. Other researchers report that even higher doses of vitamin E (2,000 IU/day) are needed to reduce disease progression in those with advanced Alzheimer’s.

Insulin resistance and diabetes

Vitamin E reduces inflammation and oxidative by-products in type 1 and 2 diabetic patients. The doses that have been studied in clinical trials vary from 400 IU to 1,800 IU. Scientist suggest that 400 IU may not be enough and that the higher levels are needed to aid in type 1 diabetics. Long-term supplementation is recommended to see the best results.

Vitamin E and immunity


The USDA Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University in Boston had Eighty-eight healthy people aged 65 or older take vitamin E at 90 IU, 300 IU, 1,200 IU per day or a placebo to test their immune response. Immune system response to infectious illnesses was highest for all the vitamin E groups. With those taking 300 IU showing the greatest response. Another study done at Johns Hopkins University found that healthy adults over 65 do not need mega-doses of vitamin E to improve several measures of immune function. However it helps to have a proper level of vitamin E in the body to aid in preventing common colds and illnesses.

Vitamin E and your heart

In a Cambridge Heart Antioxidant Study over 2,000 patients with coronary artery disease received a placebo pill or 400 IU or 800 IU of vitamin E daily. Remarkable results showed by taking either dose of the vitamin E they were able to reduce their risk of nonfatal heart attack by 77% over one year compared to the placebo group.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Of course eating healthy is just as important. You want a whole food all natural supplement that can feed your body the nutrition you need.

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