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Is There A Natural Remedy For Overeating?

People who overeat at least once a week consistently over a three month period have binge eating disorder or BED. It's important to keep in mind that overeating in and of itself does not necessarily make you a binge eater. Some people eat more than they should throughout the day while other people only resort to binge eating when dealing with negative feelings such as loneliness or stress. Regardless of the nature of your overeating problem, you must recognize that you have an issue. Start by seeking help and steering clear of labels. Develop a healthy, balanced diet without banning foods altogether. This natural treatment allows you to eat balanced meals without cutting out all treats. Also, take a moment to think before eating and stay hydrated. These natural treatments will help your overeating problem.

Seek help and steer clear of labels

Once you have become aware that you have a problem, it's important to get help. There are often underlying emotional issues involved with overeating. Most people struggle to address these issues on their own. Working with a professional counselor or therapist is a natural treatment that will help you get at the root of your overeating. Putting labels on yourself and the food that you eat is one of the worst things that you can do when you are trying to break out of the overeating cycle. You aren't a bad person because you overeat, and food should never be considered inherently good or bad. Thinking about food as “bad” makes you more likely to overeat.

Develop a healthy, balanced diet without banning foods altogether

A restrictive diet can seem like the best option because it limits the range of foods that you eat. However, a restrictive diet can lead to overeating just as quickly as any negative emotion such as anger or anxiety. If you swear off chocolate, it's inevitable that you are going to fail. The first time you give in and eat a small square of dark chocolate, you risk starting the vicious cycle of overeating again. Instead, allow yourself to give into your cravings in moderation. Work with a nutritionist to put together a healthy eating plan. This natural treatment allows you to eat balanced meals without cutting out all treats.

Take a moment to think before eating

It's easy to get so focused on what you want to eat that you don't stop to think about whether or not you are even hungry. Before you open the refrigerator or raid the pantry, take a second to think about why you are going to eat. When you don't associate eating with hunger or fullness, you have lost touch with your body's natural cues. This natural treatment takes time and conscious effort to retrain your body to want food when it's hungry and to stop overeating. It takes 20 minutes for your brain and stomach to communicate that you are not hungry anymore. When eating, put down your fork or talk to your family and friends so that your brain has time to catch up with your stomach. This natural treatment will help you eat slower and feel full sooner, preventing overeating. Also, always keep a healthy snack with you. You will eat less if you don’t feel deprived. If you are craving specific foods more than twice a week or a day you may be lacking a nutrition in that source of food. You can google what is in that item to figure out what you are lacking nutritionally then take a supplement that contains what you are lacking. However We hava taken out all the guess work for us. We no longer have to take handfuls of supplement to get all the vitamins, amino acids, omegas and minerals that our bodies require. We have all the essential nutrition that your body needs in a convent liquid supplement.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes when we feel hungry after eating or between meals it is not from hunger, but from dehydration. Our bodies send a signal to our brain that causes hunger pains. We stop these pains by filling our stomach with either food or water and often end up overeating. Before eating, always drink 8 ounces of water at room temperature. This natural treatment will also help with digestion, causing less IBS, heartburn, cramping, bloating, and constipation as well as overeating. When hunger strikes between meals, opt for a natural treatment. Drink 8 ounces of water and wait 15-20 minutes to see if the hunger pains go away. If you are still experiencing hunger pains, eat a 4-6 ounce high protein low-fat snack or a piece of fruit. Are you in need of a nutritional supplement for a healthier lifestyle?  To learn more about natural treatments for overeating contact Hey Mr. Vitamin today! Give us a call at 806-640-2090 or contact us via email. We can help get you started on your journey.

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