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How To Include More Minerals In Your Diet


The Earth's soil was once filled with all types of minerals that humans could include in their daily diet. Due to heavy farming and overuse of the land, the soil is now severely depleted of these natural minerals. The reduction means that humans can’t consume the minerals that are needed to stay healthy through daily diet alone. For optimal health, the body requires around 60 different minerals. However, commercially grown foods typically only contain about eight minerals. In order to include more minerals in your diet, you can start eating organic foods and taking colloidal mineral dietary supplements.


Eating organic foods to include more minerals in your diet


One effective way to address the deficiency in colloidal minerals in your diet is to grow organic produce and supplement the soil with minerals. However, most people don't have the time or the space to do this sort of farming on such a level that they can support their families. Most commercially produced garden fertilizers only contain the same eight minerals that commercially grown vegetables and fruits do. This lack of available fertilizer also makes it tough to find the right resources for growing a garden that yields mineral rich foods. The good news is that many modern health food stores, natural medicine shops, and online health product providers offer colloidal mineral supplements for a reasonable price. In the chemistry industry, the term colloidal refers to any type of ground up material in a suspension. In the case of a mineral, the mineral itself is suspended in a liquid to make it easier to absorb and include in your diet.


Using dietary supplements to include more minerals in your diet

Most colloidal minerals are used as a supplemental trace mineral source and a dietary supplement to increase energy levels. Colloidal minerals can be used to treat a number of ways including blood sugar levels in diabetes and alleviating arthritis symptoms. These minerals can also help reverse early cataracts, reverse the effects of graying hair, and reduce blood cell clumping. Finally, colloidal mineral dietary supplements can reduce general aches and pains to improve overall well being.


mineral healthy foods
When shopping for colloidal mineral dietary supplements, always choose a reputable vendor that sells plant derived colloidal minerals. Sometimes, a company simply grinds up rocks and puts them in colloidal suspension. The body cannot absorb these mixtures. Plant derived minerals are what your body is used to processing, which means that it can absorb them without any issues. The majority of the colloidal mineral dietary supplements sold in the United States are mined from Utah shale deposits. It's important to keep in mind that depending on the clay source, the minerals may contain other materials including aluminum, arsenic, barium, lead, nickel, and titanium. There is also a concern that colloidal minerals may contain trace amounts of radioactive substances. Once colloidal minerals are extracted, they are washed and filtered to remove dangerous materials. While there is always a chance that heavy metal can get left behind, this chance is extremely small. If you're ever unsure about where your colloidal minerals are coming from or the bottle has insufficient information about their origins, talk to a reputable source. Before taking colloidal mineral nutritional supplements, you should always consult with a physician, pharmacist, or other qualified healthcare provider to determine an accurate dosage. There are a number of factors that play into the dosage include general health and age. A healthcare provider will take these facts into account when calculating the correct dosage for the dietary supplement. Taking colloidal minerals is strongly discouraged for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also steer clear of colloidal minerals if you have hemochromatosis, as the condition may become worse with colloidal mineral supplement use. Finally, colloidal minerals are not recommended for individuals with Wilson's disease, which is an inherited condition that causes an inability to process copper. Contact Hey Mr. Vitamin today to purchase your Total Health supplements.  For more information about our products, call us today at (806) 672-6298 or Contact Us by email. Get started today to make a better future tomorrow!


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