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Healthy Holiday Tricks and Tips

Halloween is coming up fast and we all know what that means...parties and costumes with all the food and drinks to boot. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, followed by the New Year. Which means more parties and more food, family and friends. It's kinda crazy that we have these holidays that come right before the New Years which is when a lot of people resolve themselves to losing weight and getting healthier.



Halloween can be the launch pad to the domino affect we all have during the holiday season. But there are ways to prevent those extra pound from sneaking up on you. Whether it's holiday gathering, trick-or-treating or the fact that your schedule may get a little crazy resulting in the quick fix meal there are ways to have fun and not gain those holiday pounds.


When handing out treats

Take a healthier approach. If you are like me then any sweet treats in the house are in extreme danger of going missing. I always have to have one or two or more! Instead of passing out candy, hand out fruit and nut bars, granola bars, pretzels, popcorn, raisins or nuts (nuts are a tricky one since there are some who can't have them). Stickers, balls, toothbrushes, bubbles, small note pads, bracelets and pens are among the fun, nonfood options. Money saving tip...You can find lots of non food options at the Dollar Tree or any dollar store. Just take a look in the party favor area and get a few different things.

When the kids get home


Not everybody in the neighborhood is going to hand out healthy or alternative treats. So by you adding a little change to the treat bag you will be helping out the mom and dad by less sugar charged kids and by spicing up the kids' treasure trove. Therefore don't feel like you are the Grinch of Halloween by choosing to go a healthy or alternative way this year for your trick-or-treat-ers. Now if you are anything like me you most likely sneak into the kitchen a steal a few treats out of the kids bags...after all I have an inter-child who is just as candy crazed. I do have a word of caution with the miniature candy bars. We tend to think, 'Oh, they're so small, I'll have one more what can it hurt it's not like I am eating a whole candy bar.' But all those servings of miniatures can add up. When you dive in to those treats, keep the wrappers as a reminder of how many your kids – and you – have eaten. Set limits for yourself as to how many you will eat. Be mindful with your eating and set that good example – whether it's the candy or the 'healthier' options. Too many pretzels or granola bars still can add up to be a lot of calories. When we give some foods the label of "healthy for you," we think, "It's good for me, so I can have another." Instead stop and wait awhile to see if the desire to eat another one passes. It can take as little as 60 seconds for a cravinng to pass and as long as 20 minute for you stomach to tell your brain it is full.


Kids and Grown-Up Alike

Kids and grown-ups alike will be tempted with food choices at gatherings. Regardless if it is the Holidays or the Super Bowl or Birthday parties there will be time to show self control and make healthy choices. The near-relentless pace of the season also will strain the ability to maintain a robust fitness schedule. So instead of trying to work off the calories that you over indulged on follow theses simple guidelines.



1. Have a plan: Don't go to holiday parties or any social gatherings too hungry because you're willpower goes out the window as soon as you see the goodies that are available. First have a healthy snack – apples and peanut butter, a salad, protein bar, ect. Once you arrive at a gathering, survey the food choices before you eat. Pick a few reasonable foods you can enjoy without overindulging. If you take small portions and eat that then wait a little while before heading back for more you may find that you really don't want any more. Plus staying hydrated really cuts down on your food intake, so drink plenty of water so that you eat only what you need to.


2. Enjoy the company: Connecting with everyone and talking is calorie-free. After all that is what holidays and parties are really about, not the food. These day we get so busy that we forget to make time with friends and family throughout the year. So utilize the holiday season to catch up and reconnect with those you love. Maybe even make a few new connection that will enrich your life more than the potato salad will!

3. Watch where you stand: Chat with your loved ones and acquaintances away from the food table. I don't know how it happens but even ever I am in reaching distance of the food table I end up will food in my mouth. I swear it just jump up and demands to be eaten! Try and find a place where there is somewhere that you can avoid the temptation to try those yummy looking treats.

4. Combine social and physical activities: Get outside for fresh air – to walk or jog, and as winter descends, to ski, snowshoe or ice skate. And don't let social activities get in the way of being active. Try and find 15 to 30 minutes to walk around the block or even walk in place while watching your favorite TV show. Sometimes the hardest part is fitting it in or making the decision to just do it. The holiday season can be stressful, so deal with the stress by building a healthier body and mind. You will be amazed at the way a little activity can clear the stress and help to relax the body. When you have less stress you sleep better and you lose weight easier.

5. Schedule workouts: Make it a part of you everyday life. Make it an appointment with you friends to meet up and walk together. Add it to your TV watching time. when a commercial comes on run in place, do some jumping jacks, sit ups or push ups. Keeping a paper copy of your holiday schedule in you car, purse or wallet that includes your workout days, and checking them off as you accomplish them – as a way to look back on New Year's Day and feel you've taken some control during the holiday season. Finding a friend or family member to be your "accountability partner" who helps keep you motivated and on track. It will help you to want to do the workout if you have a partner that you enjoy spending time with.

6. Enjoy the holidays in moderation: We tend to make a holiday, holi-DAYS or holi-MONTHS. Enjoy you favorite foods that are part of your family tradition but then get right back on track. Just because is the holiday season does not mean that you have to eat everything that come into your path. Remember that most foods that come out during the holidays are meant to be treats, which should be eaten inn moderation. When getting your dinner plate go for small portions. This way you can try a little of everything without feeling over stuffed. Drink water with your meal so that you are not drink a lot of calories as well. Before you go for seconds try and drink 6oz of water then wait to make sure that you are still hungry. Eating to eat is over-eating. However if you do go for seconds then if there is a dish that you know is loaded with fattening or sugary ingredient try and skip it on that second round. When it comes to dessert you may want to try and eat half the normal serving to help you cut back on calories. This will also help you not get that overfull feeling and keep you comfortable. Eating to much can affect your sleep pattern and cause tummy discomfort. Unknown to many the tummy discomfort can carry over into the next day causing you to feel sluggish and frumpy.

7. Give the gift of health: Consider gifts that include healthy cooking classes, fitness classes, gift card to their favorite store or massages. Find gifts that make it easier to cook and exercise the mind and body at home. Yes its nice to get that tin of fudge or candy coated popcorn but there are thing that will enrich your loved one lives instead of helping them to need an after the holiday wardrobe.

8. Think how you drink: Let's say at a party you like to have something to drink in your hand. Instead of always having that wine glass, maybe you alternate with lemon water. Sodas are like liquid candy, so if kids/adults are having Halloween candy and drinking a soda, that is a lot of sugar. Water is always the best choice, and there's so many good ways to flavor it. Put in orange, lemon, lime or cucumber slices. If you are hosting a party, serve fruit, vegetable and herb-infused waters. If you have them in a pretty glass, it makes you feel good, and it really does help slow down the alcohol and calorie consumption. This will create a healthier and hopefully safer holiday season. Sometime you drink an alcoholic drink simply because there is not a option that sounds appealing. Make sure that you have healthy non-alcoholic choices for you and your guest.

9. Supplement: With all the busy schedules and the parties you will be attending you may not have the ability to eat as healthy or clean as you want to. This can result in poor nutritional health. So get a whole food supplement that will give you the daily amount of nutrients you need. This will help to keep your body full of energy and help you to not want to eat everything in sight. When your  body is feed the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, omegas and amino acids then you tend to be less like to be overindulgent during meal times. We carry 2 different whole food supplements that will give you all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omegas that you need to stay healthy during anytime of the year. They also contain a Detox formula to help flush the fat out of your system. Give us a call if you need help ordering your bottle today: Sara 806-672-6298 or Dale 806-640-2090. Or you can order your daily nutrition right now so that you can start living life to the fullest! If you are ready to order now just follow the links below to get started on the road to a good balanced nutritional lifestyle! Nitro-Vi is perfect for the everyday lifestyle…balanced to help you be the best you can be! Kryptonite is prefect for the active lifestyle… Go ahead and show Superman a thing or two!


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