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Good vs Bad Calories

How many times have you made a "get healthy" New Years resolution or decided to lose those extra pounds? You get into a gym, buy workout outfits and new shoes, clean out the kitchen of junk food and tell everyone what you are up to. The workouts go well and you even get a few of your friend to join in. This goes on for a week, maybe two, and you have good results. Then, you hit a bump. You worked overtime and the kids are sick, which means no gym time for you. Does that sound familiar? Well, it's not your fault! We are taught a small amount of nutrition in school and never even think twice about it. We get an update or reminder in the morning news about eating right and getting enough exercise, but are we told the whole truth? The answer is NO! We are not told that as you lose weight, you will lose weight fast at first and then it slow way down!

Good Calories Vs Bad Calories

Calories are important, yes, but they are not all even! There are good calories and bad calories. We need proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and calories to fuel our bodies. There are essential vitamins and minerals that maintain good health. They help to maintain good blood sugar levels and detox the body of toxic build ups. With the right nutrition, fat can be broken down and moved out of the body. Hunger and cravings are less often and you eat less when you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Sugars and mono saturated fats are not essential to our health, in fact, they are harmful to our health. Good healthy calories come from vitamin and mineral packed fresh foods such as: fruits and vegetables, organic meats, nuts, and seeds. The calories from these food will help give your body the fuel needed to not only survive but thrive!

Whole Foods

Even though you are buying fruits and vegetables, meats, nuts, and seeds you have to look for the best quality you can find. GMOs, preservatives, sugars/artificial sweeteners, nitrates and processed/bleached products are all harmful to your health. However, they are available everywhere and at dirt cheap prices. The saying "You are what you eat" is a great way of thinking about your foods. If you don't want to be a GMO or preservative then your food should not contain those things. The closer you get to natural raw foods, the more essential vitamin and minerals those foods will contain.

Too Much Heat

The way we cook foods is highly important as well. We can buy organic or all natural food, then deep fry them or cook them at high heats, which removes the nutrition that food contained. Heat will turn the good calories into toxic bad calories. It will take those essential vitamins and minerals out of healthy foods. Even eating all the organic healthy foods and cooking them perfect it would be near impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. So how can you get all the essential minerals and vitamins? Right here at Hey Mr. Vitamin we have the best multi vitamin you can find! An all organic whole food plant derived multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Are you ready to super charge your body with the pure nutrition of essential vitamins and minerals and get the result you want? Then call Hey Mr. Vitamin today at (806) 640-2090 or order our products now. You can also Contact Us via email.  Get started today to be a healthier, happier, younger you.

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