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Glacier Water: The Secret To Longevity

Attaining long life has been a dream for many people throughout history and glacier water may be one element in obtaining longevity. During the 19th and 20th centuries, explorers and researchers studied cultures around the world. These explorers and researchers found that certain populations seemed to have increased health and longevity. One reason for their long life appears to be the glacier water they used for irrigation and drinking. Understanding who the Hunzas were and the secret of their glacier water can help others attain the dream of longevity.

Who were the Hunzas of Kashmir?

There is a mountain range that follows the borders of Pakistan, India, and China known as the Karakorum Mountains. This mountain range includes the largest number of peaks over 26,000 feet in height. In one of the deep valleys of the Karakorum Mountains lies the home of the Hunza people. The valley itself is over 9,000 feet above sea level and it is extremely hard to access even with modern transportation options. Legend says that the settlement of this valley dates back to when a Greek soldier was left behind during the reign of Alexander the Great. Today, the valley holds a population of about 30,000 people, most of whom are Hunza natives. What makes the Hunza so special is their remarkable health and longevity. A significant portion of Hunza natives, also known as Hunzakuts, live beyond the age of 100 years. There are claims that some have lived to be 130 years old and even older. Not only do these natives seem to have increased longevity, they also seem to remain in better health throughout their lifetime.

What is the Hunzas secret to longevity?

There seems to be three nutritional secrets to the longevity and good health that the Hunza enjoy. These nutritional secrets include frugality in the amount they eat, the foods at the center of their diet, and glacier water. The Hunza traditionally eat only two light meals a day. These natives eat for the nutrition the food provides, not for the pleasure it brings. All Hunza food is completely natural, free of pesticides and chemical additives. The Hunza people make grains, fruits, and vegetables the center of their diet. Whole grains like barley, millet, and buckwheat are used to create the breads that are the backbone of the Hunza diet. These natives also consume plenty of vegetables and fruits regularly. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are the Hunzas main source of animal protein and meat is rarely consumed. Chicken is the most common source of meat protein, while beef and mutton are rarely used. Glacier water is the ultimate secret to the Hunza standards of health and long life. Glacier water is the pure, unfiltered high-mineral water that comes from the glaciers that feed the Hunza valley from the heights of the Karakorum Mountains.

What makes glacier water the secret to longevity?

Researchers have been after the secret of the Hunza glacier water for a number of decades. These researchers have found a couple of things that make the glacier water so special. First, glacier water has a high level of silica molecules. Silica, with the chemical name silicon dioxide, occurs in the human body and seems to be critical for the growth and strength of connective tissues. Silica molecules are water soluble and best ingested through water-based sources. Second, the glacier water has a complex clustering of the water molecules themselves. Molecule clusters found in glacier water are negatively charged and the hydrogen molecules act as a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are nature's natural protection against oxidation within the human body. Drinking water filled with the micro-nutrients and complex clusters of glacier water is a central secret to longevity. For more information on healthy living, call Hey Mr. Vitamin today at (806) 640-2090. You can also Contact Us via email. Get started today to make a better future tomorrow!

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