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Deficiencies That Can Cause Lower Back Pain And Osteoporosis

What causes lower back pain? If you ask doctors that question, you will likely accumulate dozens of answers, everything from falls to poor lifting habits. What you will not likely hear is that the bones in the back may be weakening, making the back more vulnerable to injury. The development of lower back pain can often be traced back to the same causes of osteoporosis. Research suggests that calcium and copper deficiency may begin the process of disk degeneration, which can cause lower back pain and possibly osteoporosis. Further research has also resulted in findings about what causes back pain and how to prevent back pain from occurring.

Calcium and copper deficiency may begin the process of disk degeneration

Calcium is a mineral that is essential for living organisms. In the human body, most of the calcium is stored in the teeth and bones. This mineral is critical for building strong bones and keeping them strong throughout life. The body cannot produce calcium on its own. Eating a calcium-rich diet or taking nutritional supplements that contain this mineral can help promote bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Copper is a trace element that plays a key role in enzymes, which are key in building the matrix which makes bone strong. Like calcium, copper is not naturally produced in the body. Eating foods or taking nutritional supplements that hold copper helps keep bones strong throughout a lifetime. Bone health depends on a careful balance of key minerals and elements like calcium and copper. A deficiency in these minerals can be linked to the onset of osteoporosis.

What causes lower back pain?

Backaches are usually concentrated in the muscles and connective tissues. These aches are often caused by muscle strain due to overwork or from pinched nerves caused by falls, auto accidents, or improper lifting technique. Pressure in the lower intestines can also transmit pain into the lower back. What happens if the bones in the spine are already weakened by calcium or copper deficiency? The bones are already straining and putting pressure on the muscles and connective tissues. This strain and pressure makes the back more vulnerable to injury and damage. While calcium or copper deficiency does not directly cause back pain, it can be a contributing factor.

How do you prevent lower back pain?

Preventing back pain starts with learning proper lifting techniques as well as doing strengthening exercises. These techniques and exercises will prevent injury and keep the back healthy. Eating a proper diet is also important. A high fiber diet along with drinking eight glasses of water will help keep the GI tract working properly. Staying hydrated and eating a proper diet lessens lower back pain caused by pressure in the lower intestines. Eating food that contains copper or taking nutritional supplements that contain copper will also help keep deficiencies from developing. Taking other nutritional supplements can help as well. Our supplements can help keep calcium deficiency from occurring, and possibly help prevent osteoporosis. If you deal with frequent back pain, it is important to consider a calcium or copper deficiency. Correcting the deficiency, eating better, and protecting your back will keep you going strong well into the future.  For more information, call Hey Mr. Vitamin today at (806) 640-2090 or Contact Us via email. We can help you get started today to make a better future tomorrow.

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