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Are you sick and tried of being sick and tried? Ready for a change in your life that will give you energy, stamina, mental clarity and focus. Then you have just found what you have been looking for! With all the distraction in our everyday life it can be tough to get the proper nutrition your body requires to feel great and look good. However we have come up with the best way to fortify your body with the nutrition you need. It doesn't matter if you lead an active lifestyle or your a couch potato, your body needs to have the proper vitamins and minerals to maintain it's youth and health. You could try to get all the nutrition you need through your foods but that would be a very big task to achieve. Stay Younger Longer the natural way by giving your body what it needs and reap the results of a happier, healthier life!


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Our formulas are all natural, organic and pack with life supporting nutrition. With 16 Vitamins, 72 Trace Minerals, 24 Amino Acids, 12 Whole Foods, and 11 Herbs, plus 18 Fruits and Vegetables you will get all the daily nutrition in one supplement. No more endless supplement pills or bottles...Just one liquid that will fuel your body all day and help you sleep better. The Natural detoxing elements in our supplements helps to remove harmful toxins and promote good health. Boosting your immune system to help fight of seasonal colds and allergies, flues and more!  



By the time you get one thing taken care of on your "To Do List"  you have added 2 or 3 more things. Coffee and energy shots just don't seem to give you the energy that you need to keep going through out the day and let face it you can't just stop what you are doing to take a nap. Hey Mr. Vitamin has the answers to the Energy Crisis in your life. You need the proper nutrition to fuel your body naturally with out the jitters or the sudden energy crashes. Get 100% of you nutrition here and fuel your day naturally!



Our minds are constantly working and with all the electronics around us it can be hard to focus. However there could be a totally different reason why you are thinking at the speed of light and not staying on topic. Your brain needs certain vitamins and minerals to keep it sharp and on task. Without the proper nutrition you can become forgetful and scattered brained. Feed your brain the fuel it wants and see just where your mind can take you. Before you know it your dreams will be in the palm of your hand. When your brain is properly fed your body can do amazing things.  



anti aging
For every year that passes you gain a year to your life...but does that mean you have to look or feel your age? NO it doesn't, Hey Mr. Vitamin has anti-aging properties that will help you stay Younger Longer. By giving your organs, bones, skin and brain what it requires to stay strong and generate healthy new cells you can life a young life and show those young kids a thing or two. Just because you have more years than them does not mean you can't do what they are doing! With age comes wisdom not weakness. So go ahead and live life to the fullest with our all natural anti-aging formula.


Which Supplement is Right for You?


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Athletes need a little more than the average person. As you sweat and burn calories you also burn your nutrition. So this supplement has a extra boost of nutrition to help you maintain the health of your body while giving you the proper nutrition to build stronger leaner muscles. The fat burning formula that is in Kryptonite helps to boost your metabolism so you can shed those unwanted pounds and feel great doing it. With all the energy that this supplement packs you will be ready to hit the gym or the pavement and show everyone how its done. The focus you will have through our the day will make you alert and ready for anything that life may bring your way. In fact you may start seeking out new challenges and goals with the health benefits of Kryptonite. Plus with our anti-aging formula you will stay longer longer so you can keep look forward to new adventures.

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Everyone needs nutrition to feel their best and be their best. This Complete Vitamin Formula is perfect for everyone. Amazing all day Energy, Complete Mental Focus and Clarity, Anti-Aging and Fat burning formula, all in one product so that you can start your day off right! Optimize your health with Nitro-Vi, with immune boosting elements that will help you to fight off those seasonal allergies, colds and flues so you can live life to the fullest.

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